Tuesday, July 16, 2013

матерщина фетиш

they listened in their silent spaces as they mouthed thee syllables which articulated first whisperingly secretive spells which untied thee strangling laces ov a lexicon's corseting- thee ability to breathe out this vituperous vocabulary ov vowels and consonants cursing- yet mantra like invoking a libertinage ov language; ripping asunder thee boddice-work which repressed thee unseemly vulgarities ov their tongue-flesh undulations ov sonorousnesses which with ever increasing volumes - sent vertigo-wise mysterious vortices salivating as thee peristaltic inverse uttered obscenities forth as never before.. thee antiquarian sound recording devices magnetized each minutiae ov their memetic exegesis which was henceforth cut / spliced / reversed / & reverberated- forming resonant blasphemies which no heresiarch had yet to give tongue to imprecate thee faltering ears ov their censors..